Amandus Adamson`s Atelier-Museum

A Pakri peninsula native, sculptor Amandus Adamson (1855–1929), built his summer studio in Paldiski, where he lived and worked when he was living in his homeland. The versatile sculptor’s favourite materials were pear tree, bronze, and marble. Adamson also liked to draw and paint from time to time. The artist’s younger daughter, Maria Maddalena Carlsson (1922–2012) gave the summer studio to the state in 2005, and it became a branch of Harju County Museum. Renovation works began in the building, which had been used as living quarters for years, in the spring of 2009 with the resources of European Regional Development Fund. The Amandus Adamson Studio Museum started its activity in the renovated building on the artist’s 155th birthday on 12 November 2010.

The fretwork-filled house has a fabulous wind vane and the room walls are embellished with stencil paintings. The artist’s personal touch and his unconventional art adds emotion and excitement to the visit. The little house has 13 rooms; a tall and grand larch, planted by Adamson himself, is the treasure of the garden. An exhibition of young artists’ work is held in the building next to the Studio Museum.

More information about the activities of the studio museum and the work of Amandus Adamson can be found on the branch’s home page:

Contact information
Amandus Adamson`s Atelier-Museum
Adamsoni 3
76805 Paldiski
Harju County

Phone: +372 674 2013
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Opening times
Mon – Sun 11 – 18 (May – September)
Wed – Sun 11 – 16 (October – April)
Group visits Mon-Su 11-18. Bookings by phone +372 6742013 or


Head Merle Tank +372 6742013
Project manager Nika Kalantar +372 6742013
Housekeeper Janno Laar