Medieval festival

Festival of medieval arts and crafts at the Kalle manor 1385-1433.

31st of August –  2nd of September 2018 on the Keila river island.



In 1385 the manor in Keila went to the Kalle family. The second stage of construction began: a more sumptuous two-story building was erected. A fragment of a sculptural portal discovered is very similar to the west portal of the Keila church, the authors of which were probably craftsmen from Tallinn. In 1433 Arndt Kalle sold the manor to the Teutonic Order for 16 000 Riga marks.


For the first time the festival will be held in 2018, from 31st of August to 2nd of September together with celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Harju County Museum. In the future the event will also be held during Museum’s birthday.

The festival demonstrates arts and crafts from the period when the manor in Keila was owned by the Kalle family. Things from cooking, clothes and needlework to stone- and woodworking will be demonstrations. Workshops on some of the subjects will be held.


Program for visitors on 1st of September :

ca 11-18 possibility to make medieval earrings and tin keys in front of the medieval manor

14:00-14:45 medieval dances workshop, field in front of the medieval manor

17:00-18:30 demonstration of medieval fighting together with a lecture by Ain Mäesalu, field in front of the

ca 18:30 concert of medieval music (after the fighting is done) – Belarussian group Lity Taler


For participants.