Facts about Harju County

  • There are 24 local authorities in Harju County, including 6 cities: Tallinn, Keila, Maardu, Saue, Paldiski, Loksa and Kehra. There are 31 municipalities and 393 villages.
  • The total area of Harju County amounts to 4,333 km², whereas the number of residents is approximately 543,000 (incl. Tallinn).
  • The length of coastline is 530 km; there are approximately 80 islands within the territory of the county.
  • The highest point is Orgimägi, located near Aegviidu, with the altitude of 98.6 m.
  • The highest cliff is Türisalu Cliff, 30 m.
  • The biggest rocks of Estonia are also located on the territory of the County: the Tammispea boulder in Loksa rural municipality, with a height of 7.8 meters, is the highest of these, whereas the Muuga Kabelikivi boulder near the town of Muuga Aedlinn has the greatest circumference of 58 meters.
  • There are 11 waterfalls in the Harju County; the highest of them is the Jägala Waterfall with the height of 8 m.
  • There are 34 rivers flowing into the sea, but none of them is navigable. The rivers of Jägala, Pirita and Keila are the longest.
  • Harjumaa has 97 lakes and reservoirs with a total surface area of 20 km². The largest among these are the Paunküla Reservoir (3.5 km²) and the Kahala Lake (3.47 km²).
  • Approximately 20% of the territory of Harju County is covered with marshes.

Information about sightseeing in Harju County: http://www.visitharju.com/en/

Harju County travel guide: (3,11MB, PDF) http://www.visitharju.com/sites/default/files/harjuturism_eng-fin_web.pdf