Keila Manor

The manor complex had many ancillary buildings, surrounded by a beautiful park. One can still notice some traces of that time, places and buildings while walking around the park. During the 15th century, the manor´s territory extended to Pakri peninsula and Väike-Pakri island.

The new building was probably built in the beginning of the 19th century by the lord of the manor, Carl Reinhold von Koskull. Initially the manor house was a long building with a high gable roof. It was single storey house, except for the middle part, which had two floors. Lords of the manor have changed quite often since then. The manor has belonged to Friedrich Meyendorff (1816), Natalie Uexküll (1893), Kurt Fersen (1905), Nikolai Wrangell1916), Ado Mäeberg and Jaan Minn (1917) and Alfred Kalm (1917).

Between 1929–1934 and 1938–1947 the manor´s main building was home to Keila´s Agricultural School. Later it became the headquarters of an army commissioner, a guesthouse and a printing house. Since 1988, the manor has been used as Harju County Museum.
In 1995, the last legal heir of the manor, Arne Kalm, donated the building to Estonian government.